List of Items to Gather

Please collect ALL of these Essential Documents for both husband and wife. UNSTAPLED, Originals if you have them. Please make an appointment for the Document Intake and Scanning Meeting. ALL Documents, if applicable, must be received before we can complete work on your case.


  1. List of monthly income, amount, and source (i.e., social security, pension, annuity income, dividend, wages, IRA distribution, rental income, alimony, veteran’s benefits, etc.)
  2. Verification of income for 6 months before filing; for all working household members
  3. Personal Tax Returns plus 1099 end of year statements for last 3 years
  4. Employment history for the last year
  5. Rent Receipts for any rental property (if applicable)


  1. Number and list of bank accounts and statements for last 6 months for each account (include accounts that were closed in the last 5 years) checking, savings, annuity, money market, CDs, and copy of all checks $1,500 and above
  2. Number and list of investments or Retirement/IRA/401(k)/529 accounts and statements for current month for each account
  3. Proof of stocks, bonds, credit union statement, or trust account and assets
  4. List/Copy of Life Insurance with cash value, death benefit, and face value, any surrendered in last 60 months, long term care policy, etc. ACTION: Request Change of ownership forms Change of beneficiary forms Surrender forms.


  1. Deed of Home or any property you are on title (residence, vacation, etc.)
  2. Most recent Mortgage Statement (interest) and all Credit-Lines
  3. Fair Market Value of each property: use a Realtor letter, Zillow.com or Appraisal
  4. Current Property Tax Assessment Bill
  5. Maintenance or home-improvement bills/receipts for home last 90 days.
  6. Bill of sale or HUD1 for any Property Sold or Transferred in the last 60 months/five (5) years.


  1. Number and list of ALL Properties owned or on the deed/title
  2. Title and Registration for all Vehicles: Cars, Boat, Motorcycle, ATV
  3. Most Recent Statement and loan balance for all vehicles that have a loan
  4. Print a Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com) trade-in value or appraisal for each vehicle.


  1. HOA Fee and Homeowners Insurance for all Real-Estate where you’re on deed.
  2. Copy of Residential Bills: utilities, heat, water, phone, cable, etc.
  3. Amount of Health Insurance premiums, Medicare Part B, C, or D Amount
  4. Caretaker Fees, Food, Clothing, Grooming, Toilet Articles, Charity/Church
  5. Adult Day Care, Shelter, or Assisted Living or Nursing Home Bill
  6. Print out from Pharmacy for last 12 months showing out of pocket (co-pay) costs


  1. MD Driver’s License or other photo ID
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Medicare, hospital, and health insurance cards (with proof of cost to you)
  4. Birth Certificate of applicant (or Citizenship papers)
  5. Marriage certificate (or divorce decree) or death certificate of former spouses
  6. PRE-PAID FUNERAL OR BURIAL Plot Agreements with itemization
  7. Power of Attorney documents (if any)
  8. Any court-ordered support
  9. Proof of Name Change (if applicable)
  10. A voided check or savings deposit slip for direct deposit
  11. Statement of Living Arrangements or Lease
  12. Physicians Statement
  13. DD 214 military service separation papers, original or “certified” copy
  14. Copy of any Trusts with Schedule A or list of assets in trust

Click Here to Print a PDF Verison of Essential Documentation Needed for Intake

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